About Compose3D

We write apps to help design and develop 3D environments.  Our goal is to launch  our own educational games.  To achieve this goal we have been developing a tool suite that helps design and create 3D environments.

At present we are trialling 3D Engines, our current favourite being TrueVision3D (TV3D) which uses Microsoft DirectX as its engine.  We develop using Microsoft .NET technologies mainly in Visual Basic.

One thing we have noticed with these products is a lack of simple, cohesive tools for people to use so we are developing our own tool suite.

Some are in beta test and some are still being developed.  We hope to offer these as shareware with email support if there is enough interest in the community.  At present they are freeware while in beta test.

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Tool suite

This is a summary of our tool suite so far:

Texture Manager

Texture Manager - Manages and manipulates textures [Beta test]


World - Creates and edits landscapes and splats [Beta test]


Edifice - Constructs buildings [Beta test]


WalkAbout - Allows you to walk full scale across your landscape and buildings [Beta test]


Scene - Edits complete scenes with textures, landscapes, buildings, things and actors [under development]


Wardrobe - Manages and edits Actors and Props [Beta test].

See our downloads page to test our apps for free.

What we are aiming for in our products:

News - May 2013

This section will contain any current new items such as release information.

Date News
29 May 2013 Wardrobe has now been released to beta test.  You can download it but there is no database release as yet so only file operations will work.
19 Apr 2013 Work is now being finalised on Wardrobe our Actor editor.  It will not create actors but will allow you to make-up imported actors and add props.
20 Mar 2013 We have completed a material editor for the Media Library.  This will probably also be released as a standalone freeware app.
15 Feb 2013 We have completed design of the database for the new Media Library.  This replaces the Texture Library and contains Textures, Materials, Structures, Sounds, Actors and Scenes.
17 Oct 2012 FaceBook   We have created our facebook page.
15 Oct 2012 Tested on Windows XP.  All okay except the DevIL.NET library does not appear to work correctly.  Searching the web there are many entries like this.  Strange that Microsoft do not support DDS natively.  PNG does seem a better alternative for transparent support (ARGB).
12 Oct 2012 YouTube video created.
9 Oct 2012 Compose3D website launch.


We made this video of the WalkAbout app using our demo that you can download.  It is on YouTube and will give you an idea of what our apps can create.  Everything you see was built with our apps.