About Wardrobe

Wardrobe is designed to view and manage actors for 3D programs and games.  The suite comprises:

Texture Manager

Texture Manager - Manages and manipulates textures [Beta test]


World - Creates and edits landscapes and splats [Beta test]


Edifice - Constructs buildings [Beta test]


WalkAbout - Allows you to walk full scale across your landscape and buildings [Beta test]


Scene - Edits complete scenes with textures, landscapes, buildings, things and actors [under development]


Wardrobe - Manages and edits Actors and Props [Beta test].

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The purpose of Wardrobe is to provide a simple means of managing Actors and editing their characteristics like Makeup, Actions and Props.

 Wardrobe general tab



Actors are complex meshes that can normally move by a series on animations.  For our purposes we differentiate between an Actor (Johnny Depp) and Characters (Jack Sparrow).  One Actor can play different parts and can be made-up differently and wear different props in different scenes.  Wardrobe provides the environment for importing Actors and making new Characters from them including changing their makeup and props.



Makeup groups are distinct areas of your actor where you can apply a material and/or a texture.  Normally when the actor is created these make contextual sense, so a group may be Trousers, Shirt or Face.

Wardrobe makeup


The props tab allows you to attach props to an actor.  For example a sword can be attached to our stick man.  This is done using bones in both the actor and prop.

The purpose of this tab is to allow you to connect as many props to different parts of the actor and see what they look and behave like.  The sword, once attached, will become an extension of the bone in any animation.  So a run will swing the sword as an appendage attached to the hand.

Wardrobe props


The actions tab lets you view the animations of the actor.  These can also be played in 3D using the play button on the toolbar.

The sync speed variable used to synchronise the forward (or backward etc.) speed of the actor with the animation.  If this is too fast or slow the actor appears to ‘moon walk’ over the ground, their feet sliding when placed.

Wardrobe actions