About Edifice

Edifice is designed to create and edit buildings as a mesh for 3D programs and games.  It is part of a suite of tools that help design 3D environments.  The suite comprises:

Texture Manager

Texture Manager - Manages and manipulates textures [Beta test]


World - Creates and edits landscapes and splats [Beta test]


Edifice - Constructs buildings [Beta test]


WalkAbout - Allows you to walk full scale across your landscape and buildings [Beta test]


Scene - Edits complete scenes with textures, landscapes, buildings, things and actors [under development]

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The purpose of Edifice is to provide a simple means of creating and editing buildings in 3D applications.  This is done by an editor that creates basic shapes such as walls, floors, ceilings roofs etc.  These shapes are the interpreted and rendered in 3D.




In the 3D world shapes are made of meshes.  A mesh is a mostly sets of triangles that are put together to form shapes.  What the edifice editor does for you is convert a 2D plan into a 3D mesh.  Sometimes the translation is simple; a wall is represented by 2 2D points translates to 4 3D points.  Sometimes it is more complex; a spiral staircase converts from 3 2D points to over 80.


The tool box on the left is made up of a list of available shapes to draw.  Each shape is drawn in the design window by clicking with your left mouse and dragging a rubber band to the finish position. 

Shapes have between 2 and 4 points.  If the shape requires more points it will continue with more elastic bands until complete.  For circular shapes you specify the number of sides.  This will increase the polygon count but make the shape smoother.  

Current shapes available are: